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The television and film industry is an integral part of today’s society. For those who are captivated and intrigued by media productions, obtaining a degree in film will give you the opportunity to be the creative mind behind those popular productions.


How to Become a Property Master

Property masters, also referred to as props masters, utilize their artistic and organizational skills on film, theatrical or television productions. One of their main responsibilities is to acquire or manufacture props that will be used on the set or stage.


How to Become a Film Producer

A film producer is a high ranking position in film. Though the title of producer offers much leeway as to actual responsibilities, most people who are exclusively producers will oversee a project from start to finish, from the interpretation of the screenplay with the director to the marketing and distribution of the film in its final form.

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Ten Great Jobs in Film

ten great jobs in film

There are a lot of people behind the scenes in the making of a film or even a television show. In fact, there are different people manning the ship behind every phase. As a result there is a lot of opportunity for working both on and off set; however there are some positions that are considered the most desirable. Here are what are considered to be ten great jobs in film.

Careers in the Film Industry

film industry careers

At some point in our lives, everyone dreams about a career in entertainment, even if only briefly. It is only natural, considering the adulation that performers and artists get from the public on a daily basis. The reality, of course, is that the overwhelming majority of us just aren’t cut out for careers in the spotlight. The good news, however, is that there are a thousands of professionals who work behind the scenes of our favorite movies and television shows, making sure that everything goes as planned. 

Colleges with Film Majors

colleges with film degrees

Looking for something new that can help you to live your dreams of working behind the scenes in TV or Hollywood? Colleges with film majors may be of huge interest to those who would love to make their career in either film or television, working behind the scenes. But where are the great colleges with film majors in the US?

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Film Degree?

how long film degree

If you are interested in filmmaking, film production, film theory, digital media, or screenwriting, then film school is definitely for you. Some of the first film schools started in the 1890s in Russia and finally in the United States in the 1920s. However, film schools didn’t get their big push with students in the United States until the 1970s, but most students enrolling in film schools during that time had their mind set on stardom and fame.

Making Independent Films

making independent film

The film industry is very lucrative for those who can maneuver their ways around the right places and right people. In fact, everybody talks about the cinema, even more so the mainstream Hollywood cinema. They do have an idea of how the Hollywood produced movies are appreciated as well as distributed. Over the years, independent films have struggled to be accepted by the average moviegoer. This effort has begun to pay off

Beginner Film Editing Tools

Beginner film editing tools

The majority of film today is edited through specialized computer software that offers an abundance of different features to the end user. These features are all designed to give the editor greater flexibility and control over the final production. Here are some of the most common film editing tools used in editing film that are available with the bulk of editing software on the market today.

Best Acting Schools in the U.S

best acting schools in the US

Acting jobs in the U.S are boiled down based on training, experience and networking; people must know you and the school or person who trained you must be well-known as well. This is how it works if you want to be a successful actor in the U.S, which is why a lot of acting schools are growing in numbers at the same time.

Best Online Film Schools in the US


With a general rise in the film industry, several film schools and programs have been in high demand. Online schools have typically become popular because students interested in film are allowed to study at their own convenience. With online film schools, students may not have to worry about location constraints, budget constraints etc.[i]  The advancement in the field of science and technology has also made it generally easy to retrieve information from online sources. There are several courses in online film schools that may include screen writing, acting, production, direction and sound. Online courses are generally inexpensive and may be easier to learn.

Top-Ranked Film Schools

Top-Ranked Film Schools

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey through an anonymous web ballot that was sent out to industry leaders including members of the Writers Guild of America West, American Cinema Editors, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Here are the results, according to THR’s survey:

Lesser Known Jobs in the Film Industry


In today’s economy, job seekers are very familiar about the difficulty to find a job. Along with that difficulty, many job seekers must also deal with the competition for the same job title and position. With that in mind, maybe one way a person can find a job in this market is to look for lesser known jobs in the film industry that have the potential to create big opportunities and connections. Listed here in no particular order are some of the best careers, yet lesser known, to possibly launch your career.

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Best Film Sites

Best Film Sites

TV Film Schools is out to search high and low for the best film sites on the internet. These sites provide high quality and insightful information about film careers, schools, degrees, technology and trends.

Film Studies Degree

Film Studies Degree

Everyone may have a passion for one career or the other. Some choose film making because of the popularity and fun that it offers. In several instances, there has to be a role model who makes one like a particular career. In film making, people may look up to Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino. The moment you opt for a film studies degree, you may get the chance to gain experience in the film making industry as well as touch on a variety of topics including film theory, history and criticism.

How to Become a Technical Director


As motion pictures move away from analogue film, the technical director position is becoming more and more important. Technical directors, also known as technical managers, are responsible for making the final decisions concerning all technical aspects of the film. A technical director also delegates and assigns duties to others working with the technical control and production of the film.