3 Reasons You Should Choose an Online Film School

online film school

Going to an online film school may not be your first option, but why not?  Many successful directors, like Jon Favreau, Jim Jarmusch, and Steven Spielberg were technically college dropouts (though Spielberg and Jarmusch were granted honorary degrees). Many went to school for an entirely different major and some never went to film school at all, but they all had a modicum of training which molded their artistic eye for the craft of filmmaking.  No matter what it is you want to do behind the scenes, all work in Hollywood requires education. Going to an online film school may be the easiest, least expensive and most rewarding choice for your college career.   Here’s why:

1.  Guaranteed Acceptance.

Consider you choose a traditional brick and mortar institution.  Typically you have to petition be accepted into a particular film option once you’ve completed the core requirements for the major, to prove you are a worthy candidate.  Many students are sorely disappointed when they find that despite their hard work, the fail to be accepted.  Once you enroll and are accepted into an online program, the only hoops you’ll have to jump through are the course requirements for the degree your heart is set on.  Online schools tend to have a higher graduation rate then their traditional counterparts.

2.  Affordability

Cinema and Television Arts is one of the most expensive majors to go into.  In addition to individual institution tuition, there are software programs, film and digital camera to buy, equipment to rent, and a multitude of other costs.  Students of the most prestigious of these schools shell out more than $50 thousand a year.  Completing an online program gets you the same degree for the cost of one and a half years at UCLA.  Financial Aid and scholarship opportunities abound in online programs.  And guess what?  Industry professionals don’t care where you went, just that you know what you’re doing.

3.  Creative Control

Filmmaking is a team activity.  It requires everyone involved to strive for excellence towards a common goal: making a great movie.  In film school, you have to compromise with not only your fellow students, but with your faculty members.  Of the thousands of film students, only a handful get to direct a Senior Film project, which must first have the approval of the faculty.  In an online program, you’re less likely to have you senior thesis rejected.  True, you must be more creative and rely on your own resources to make your film, but the outcome is more fully in your hands than at a traditional institution; who typically own the rights to the work you created as a student.

Fulfilling your dream of becoming a filmmaker is easier than ever in our age of modern technology, but remember, no matter what you will need training.  If you’ve got the time and dedication to, there’s an online program out there waiting for you to get on board.

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