5 Fun TV and Film Jobs with Unusual Salaries

TV Salaries

Everyone is familiar with the most celebrated jobs in film: the Director, the Producer, Screenwriters and of course, the Actors; but the movie industry couldn’t run if those were the only roles to be filled. Movies need sets, costumes, lighting, sound, marketing and promotion. There are plenty of jobs to go around in the team-player oriented world of filmmaking; here are 5 careers with salaries above $40 thousand that might be a fun fit:

1.  Art Department

The Art Department is the largest department of any production company, engaged in the pre-production and production phases of filmmaking. Jobs in this department include Researcher, Graphic Artist, Storyboard Artist, Production Designer, Set Designer, Set Dresser, Prop Buyer, Art Assistant Director, Art Director and Art Department Manager. Interestingly enough, most art directors make more than film directors, averaging $80,000 a year.

2.  Development Department

These are the guys who take a script from being just a good story, to a full length feature film.  Some of the most passionate people in the Industry,  the Development Department consists of Presidents, Vice Presidents and Creative Executives, all out to turn the next great story into a profitable film industry venture.  At the level of creative executive, salaries range from $50-60 thousand annually.  presidents and vice presidents can make anywhere between $150,000 to a million dollars, depending on production company side and studio affiliation.

3.  Talent Agent

Talent Agents are vital in an industry always looking for fresh faces.  They find and promote the careers of new and seasoned actors, writers, directors, musicians, radio and television personalities and sports professionals. First year talent agents make about $55,000, but experienced agents have salaries into millions of dollars.  Not to mention access to the most celebrated industry professionals and just as many free-bees from companies looking for endorsements, as the Talent themselves.

4.  Special Effects Make-Up Artists

We can’t make those monsters mash without special effects make-up artists, because frankly, not every computer-generated image is believable.  The production crew of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 found that out the hard way when audiences didn’t connect with the computer generated age enhancement of Harry, Hermione, and Ron.  Serious special effects artists chose to study at the Douglas Education Center.  Special effects make-up artist earn around $57,000 in their first years.  Their salaries increase to around $250,000 after 5 years of experience.

5.  Film Distributor Sales Agents & Producer Reps

If you love film and like to travel, this is the job for you. Film Distributor Sales Agents frequent domestic and international film festivals and industry marketing events, licensing movies to be distributed to big screens domestically and worldwide.  Not only do they have access to the next great film, they earn about $60,000 a year.

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