5 Reasons Why Film School Degrees are Lucrative


A film school degree won’t immediately put you in Hollywood’s inner circles. But it does prove you have serious intent about your career track. And earning that degree may well be the initial step towards enjoying a nicely lucrative lifestyle.

Igniting the process that vaults a film into existence is the job of a producer. A film school degree aimed at becoming a producer can include a variety of necessary studies. Producers not only put together the finances…… they also ride herd on expenses in an effort to keep the finished product under budget. A producer can actually be a writer, director, investor, or any other specialist connected with the movie business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says producers earn an annual salary of $109,860. But that number can really jump should a producer’s efforts help create a blockbuster film.

Directors rule the stage. They bring together the artistic aspects of a film in a way that makes it believably enchanting or dramatic, and ready for audiences to enjoy. Film school degrees provide the knowledge and practical experience necessary for anybody interested in becoming a director. Yearly salary levels for directors are essentially the same as for producers, according to BLS data. But, again, a very successful film makes a lot of money for those who put it together.

Learning to become a screen writer requires film school students to lean heavily on their emotional and real life experiences. Laying bare the joys and traumas that make screen writers among the most important people connected with any film is no easy process. According to the BLS, writers in the film industry earn an average salary of $78,860. But there have been extraordinary exceptions, including some screen writers whose efforts brought them millions for just one script.

Film editors occupy a mostly unglamorous niche in the film industry. But their job is very important when it comes to producing a successful movie. They examine the many hours of film shot by the director, and decide which scenes best tell the story in a 90-minute feature. Film editors earn $74,200 a year, BLS says.

Art directors create reality out of fiction. Their specialized skills keep them busy, and in demand. Film school degrees in this field can lead to a career that BLS says makes $125,010 a year.  For more on Film Salaries.

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