Benefits of Attending the New York Film Academy

Film School

The art in creating movies, the selection of casts and the plot of the movie are just a few reasons why many people look to film schools to provide the knowledge that they need on filmmaking. Among the different schools in the world that are dedicated in filmmaking degrees, the New York Film Academy is one of the best.*

The philosophy of the New York Film Academy is “learning by doing” and it is combined with different industry practices to improve the skills of the future filmmakers.* The academy believes that this combination is better and more valuable than compared with the theoretical studying for actors and filmmakers. This philosophy allows their students to achieve great heights in a short period of time.

The New York Film Academy is offering one year programs in acting for film, filmmaking, screenwriting, cinematography, digital photography, game design and 3D animation. You can also choose an accelerated three year Bachelor program of Fine Arts in 3D animation and Game Design as well as degree programs in filmmaking and acting. Two year programs of the school are also available through the New York Film Academy. You can pursue a two years Master of Fine Arts or an Associate of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking, acting for film or screenwriting.

The New York Film Academy offers a lot of degrees related to filmmaking, and aim to provide excellent training and education to their students. These programs are made for students who are looking for intensive training to achieve their goals faster and to learn the different techniques in a structured and efficient manner.