Best Acting Schools in the U.S

best acting schools in the US

Acting jobs in the U.S are boiled down based on training, experience and networking; people must know you and the school or person who trained you must be well-known as well. This is how it works if you want to be a successful actor in the U.S, which is why a lot of acting schools are growing in numbers at the same time. These acting schools take their students and the acting profession seriously; and if you’re wise enough you would know the right college or grad school to go to.  A University must be among the top-ranked drama programs, and their alumni must be as famous at the city’s theatre scenes.

On the other hand, finding the best ones could be a little difficult especially because the application process can be very challenging. There are acting schools that require an interview, auditions, and entrance exams for those who are interested in enrolling. These processes, however, may vary according to the school; their policies, rules and regulation. To make it easy for you, below is a list of the best acting schools in the U.S you might want to go to one of these days.

The Julliard School, Drama Division

The Julliard School is not only one of the best acting schools in the U.S, it is considered to be a world class and top notch training school as well. They are practicing a vigorous conservatory style program by having their students often times work from 9AM until 10:30PM. They are known to encourage their students in developing their own skills and help them to get through their dreams successfully. It is located at the Lincoln Center, Upper West Side of Manhattan. The location, New York City, is good for those who want to establish connections in the acting industry. This school will surely prepare you for just about anything including language skills and transcript analysis which makes their products (actors/actresses) more marketable than everybody else.

University of Southern California School of Theater

Another one of the best acting schools in the U.S is the University of Southern California: School of Theater. It was founded in 1945 and is considered to be the heart of the entertainment industry. They produce more than 20 shows every year to train their students professionally and lead them to a fine acting job in the future. Their graduates are taught to work professionally in various aspects of theater, film, and television through the expertise of the school’s dynamic teachers who have been in the industry for a long time as well.

Boston University School of Theater

This School of Theatre practices a conservatory-style training program when it comes to liberal arts program, entertains 700 to 800 applications from interested applicants, created their own SOT productions, and showcases a professional working faculty committed to offering the best acting education possible. It remained to be among the top acting schools in the U.S because of their outstanding performance and highly trained graduates.

Columbia University School of Arts

The School of Arts at Columbia University is considered to be among the top acting schools in the U.S because of its high quality programs such as the MFA degrees in Film, Theater Visual Arts and Writing, MA degree in Film Studies, and more. They are focused on risk taking traditions and are grounded deeply in the intellectual capacity of the student in terms of acting. It is their goal to inspire, emerge, and establish professional filmmakers, writers, theater practitioners, and visual artists according to their individual capabilities and their chosen craft.


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