Careers in the Film Industry

film industry careers

At some point in our lives, everyone dreams about a career in entertainment, even if only briefly. It is only natural, considering the adulation that performers and artists get from the public on a daily basis. The reality, of course, is that the overwhelming majority of us just aren’t cut out for careers in the spotlight. The good news, however, is that there are a thousands of professionals who work behind the scenes of our favorite movies and television shows, making sure that everything goes as planned.  Some of these professionals work in creative endeavors, while others aid in the production. Here are some of the best careers in the film industry to pursue:


A producer is essentially the person who has been hired by the studio to ensure that everything is done on time and within budget. They are in charge of sourcing new screenplays for production, choosing which project is in the studio’s best interest to pursue, and then hiring all the necessary artists and actors to create the production.  Once production begins, they oversee things to make sure that problems don’t occur that may be detrimental for the studio.  As with other jobs in the field, most producers have paid their dues by first working for years as administrative assistants and then production assistants.

Film Director

A director determines the best ways to visualize a script and then bring it to life on film.  In order to do this, they work closely with actors and screenwriters to determine the best way to bring out the themes of the script and create a visual experience for the intended audience. Many directors have attended film schools, where they learned the craft of filmmaking, before moving on to work as assistant directors on various productions.


These writers produce the scripts which are then used to create movies or television shows. Essentially, they’re the story writers behind what is seen at the cinema or on TV. Some of them write wholly original spec scripts which are then passed around among the studios to see if they’re interested in producing the work into a movie. Others work with existing scripts in order to make them better before production begins. The majority of screenwriters have attended colleges where they’ve majored in either creative writing or literature. Some have started out as novelists, journalists, even technical writers, before moving on to careers in screen writing.


Film editors are certainly one of the most under-appreciated professionals in the film industry. During the course of production, hundreds of hours of footage will be captured, which then has to be cut down and reassembled by these editors. In fact, once an audience sees the finished product, they’re only looking at a miniscule percentage of the amount of footage the director filmed. Editors, working with the film makers, help to decide what should remain in the movie that best reflects the film’s theme. Many of these editors have attended special art schools in order to learn their trade before beginning work on small, independent productions.


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