Film Careers

Salary of a Film Graduate

Film Graduate

The film industry offers a variety of film career opportunities. The competition can be intense and getting your foot in the door for entry level positions can be difficult for graduates who are just starting their careers. A film graduate salary is usually not as high for entry level positions as that of experienced individuals in the film industry.

5 Things You Need to Become a Film Director

become a film director

Just about every student who enrolls in film school has their eye on becoming a film director.  It’s the most glamorous job on the set; the person who gets the largest piece of the credit pie in film.  Successful directors are called auteurs because their films have a particular brand despite their individual themes or genres; directors like Martin Scorsese, Jean-Luc Goddard, Paul Thomas Anderson, John Waters and Quentin Tarantino fit the bill.  But what does it take to become one of these infamous auteurs?

Fun through the Film Lens: Robert Richardson’s Cinematography

robert richardson_cinematography

You might not immediately consider cinematography to be a fun job, but how could it not be?  Cinematography combines the technical skill of the camera operator, with the artistic command of the photographer and a clear understanding of visual storytelling.  Getting to the position of Director of Photography (DP) means you’ve busted your young chops strapped to the camera, mastered the tricky art of film lighting and learned to interpret the vision of the director.  Every year the Academy recognizes the work of extraordinary DP’s with its Best Cinematography Award.  To date only three men have won this award three times, one of them is Robert Richardson.

3D Films: The World of Stereography

film in 3D

In their year-end report,  industry magazine The Hollywood Reporter coined 2010 as “The Year That Was Saved by 3D.”  Theater attendance had dropped by 5.2 % but 22 movies helped increased industry revenue, among them were Avatar, Toy Story 3 and Clash of the Titans. Soon 3D features were everywhere, in re-releases and first run film, in special television displays for sale at local electronics stores, even the porn industry was getting in on the 3D action.

How Short Films Can Give Your Career Legs

Short Films

Most aspiring filmmakers pine away for the day they’re offered a three picture deal from a major studio like Universal, Warner Bros or 20th Century Fox for a feature length film; but since there are better odds at being electrocuted or winning the lottery, your best bet as a student and future director is to take a better look at the short film forum.

5 Fun TV and Film Jobs with Unusual Salaries

TV Salaries

Everyone is familiar with the most celebrated jobs in film: the Director, the Producer, Screenwriters and of course, the Actors; but the movie industry couldn’t run if those were the only roles to be filled. Movies need sets, costumes, lighting, sound, marketing and promotion. There are plenty of jobs to go around in the team-player oriented world of filmmaking; here are 5 careers with salaries above $40 thousand that might be a fun fit:

Generation X Directors: Paul Thomas Anderson


He’s been hailed as a wunderkind; a kid with no traditional film training from the smog-riddled San Fernando Valley- Paul Thomas Anderson, master director.  His films feature ensemble cast extravaganzas, often set in the very neighborhood he grew up in.  To date, all 6 of his feature films have been nominated and won awards at the most prestigious venues, including the Academy Awards.

Film Suits: the Business of the Movie Industry

Film suits_ Executive Producers

The artistic qualities of film are inherent to anyone who watches a movie; no other art form combines music, theater, photography and storytelling in one seamless attractive package.  Film theorist and critics abound to tell you the why, who’s and where’s of a particular film’s make-up, most DVDs come equip with gag reels and behind the scenes features.  But the movie industry is exactly that: an industry.  A business run by passion, sure, but a business none the less.  Each and every film followed a specific process to get from a great idea to a distributed piece available for your viewing pleasure and you can thank those wonderful film suits for that movie you so enjoy.

Directing Film and Television

Directing Film and TV

Many film students enter programs dreaming of being the next Steven Spielberg or Christopher Nolan, not many think to be the next Ilene Chaiken or J.J. Abrams, but these four people are very powerful industry professionals, responsible for some of the most commercially successful films and television shows of the last ten years.  A student might enroll in film school thinking that learning how to direct is universal across mediums.  However directing a film is a quiet different from directing television for a few reasons that might not be obvious to the average viewer.

Getting Down with Film Sound

Film Sound

Since the advent of Talkies (films with sound) in the late 1920s, audiences expect a good film to immerse them in its world through sound as well as images.  Most new filmmakers are overly concerned with camera techniques and action blocking; they often overlook the important element of sound in their storytelling.  Film sound is so important that all productions have their own film sound department, engaged in all of the phases of production and headed by the Director of Audiography (DoA).