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How Long Does It Take to Earn a Film Degree?

how long film degree

If you are interested in filmmaking, film production, film theory, digital media, or screenwriting, then film school is definitely for you. Some of the first film schools started in the 1890s in Russia and finally in the United States in the 1920s. However, film schools didn’t get their big push with students in the United States until the 1970s, but most students enrolling in film schools during that time had their mind set on stardom and fame.

Film Studies Degree

Film Studies Degree

Everyone may have a passion for one career or the other. Some choose film making because of the popularity and fun that it offers. In several instances, there has to be a role model who makes one like a particular career. In film making, people may look up to Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino. The moment you opt for a film studies degree, you may get the chance to gain experience in the film making industry as well as touch on a variety of topics including film theory, history and criticism.

What Film Director Degree Should I Get?

Film Director Degree

Degrees for Directors

Becoming a director is a lot of work and effort, and is a big investment for you to make. In order to become successful, you need to prepare yourself. Part of this is getting one of the degrees for directors that will help you to make a name for yourself in this field. There are several out there that can push you further in this career path and they are worth looking into. While there is more to it than the education, these degrees can do a lot of good for you, help you to understand the various parts of directing, and give you a great start for a successful future.

The major degree that deserves your attention is specifically film.* This will help you to understand more about the film industry and this job in general. You will learn the specific knowledge needed to become a successful director, the tricks that are used, the information that every director needs, and how to manage the various parts of working in this field. It is a degree specifically for people hoping to get into the film industry and begin work, including as a director. Of the degree for directors, this is the one that can build you up for success the most.

There are other degrees, however, like media and fine arts, that can be helpful.* This is going to give you some insight on the field so that you understand more about it and can navigate your way around the job more effectively. You will learn about the industry in several ways and you will be able to get into the field with more confidence. It is a great way to educate yourself about what goes on in media and how to get into this field of work. If you cannot get a film degree, this is another great option to consider.

Other degrees for directors include communications and journalism.* These may not help you as much, but they are still appealing options for this field. You have to consider, however, that they may not give you the same boost. They might be of some assistance, of course, just not as much as you would like.

If your dream is to become a film director, your best option is going to be a degree in film or fine arts, or even both.* This helps you to develop a strong understanding of the field and it gives you an edge when trying to create your own voice in your movies.

Want to pursue a career in the film industry? Get more information about programs in your are or online using our film degree finder at the top of this page.

Documentary Studies

Documentary Studies


Documentary studies allow students the opportunity to explore our world while exercising creative methods through a story telling approach. The idea is to channel and express the passion of the producer into a story the audience will enjoy. Documentary study courses analyze the use of narrative books, films and other works intended to present factual content to an audience. Students typically examine and evaluate work in terms of both content and craft.

Film Degree: Do I Need One?

Film School: Do I Need One?

When deciding whether or not to get your film degree, or any degree for that matter, you should first ask yourself, “Can I see myself doing this every day?” If the answer is yes, then pursuing a degree in film may be the right choice for you.

Film Degree Tips for Entering College

film degree tips

Going to college with the intention of receiving a film degree is a fantastic first step for future filmmakers.  But what do you do once you’re in college?  How to you make the most of your school experience to become the best filmmaker you can be?  Here are a few tips for any young student looking towards film careers or interested in any of the film major options (typically production, screenwriting, or film criticism).  These tips apply to anyone looking at a new college or for those looking to switch majors.

3 Reasons You Should Choose an Online Film School

online film school

Going to an online film school may not be your first option, but why not?  Many successful directors, like Jon Favreau, Jim Jarmusch, and Steven Spielberg were technically college dropouts (though Spielberg and Jarmusch were granted honorary degrees). Many went to school for an entirely different major and some never went to film school at all, but they all had a modicum of training which molded their artistic eye for the craft of filmmaking.  No matter what it is you want to do behind the scenes, all work in Hollywood requires education. Going to an online film school may be the easiest, least expensive and most rewarding choice for your college career.   Here’s why:

How an MBA Can Improve Your Film Career


After going to school for four years and finally earning that illustrious film degree, many people want to rush off and find that perfect film job, but it’s not so easy out there.  Only about 20 percent of film school graduates are hired right out of college, and that’s just for job in the industry.  It and undeniable fact Hollywood is a business.  You spent four years learning how to make the art of the business, but probably know very little about the mechanics of money and the industry.  Many choose to pursue an MFA program to gain better skills and more knowledge of the industry and completely overlook the MBA option. 

Film School Confidential: The Screenwriter

Screenwriter Film School Confidential

If a movie is to be made, it must make the journey from great idea to readable script. There are plenty of great stories out there, but not all great stories make for great scripts.  Even more intriguing, how exactly does one take a great novel or play or even tawdry news headline and make it into a film script? These are the questions that lead long-time writing enthusiast Chloe Truitt to go to film school and study screenwriting.

Film School Confidential: The Editor’s Cut

editor_film school confidential

For some people the call to pursue a career in film doesn’t always start at a young age, sometimes it comes in the course of a chosen elective choice while in college.  This is how Cal State University Northridge grad David Morro found his way to the world of cinema.