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How You Can Afford Film School

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So you want to be in the movies, and most importantly behind the scenes where the real magic happens.  The first step is to choose a great film program.  Already done that? Great!  Film & Video Production can be one of those most expensive areas of study, what with software to purchase, cameras to buy, lighting to rent.  And that’s not even counting the cost of tuition.  It can be downright intimidating.  Fortunately there’s plenty of ways to get financial aid. Through a combination of federal or private student loans, grants and scholarship opportunities, you can find the funds you need to go to school so you can pursue the career of your dreams.

Steven Spielberg and the CSULB Film Program

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Hailed as the most popular and influential filmmakers in history, Steven Spielberg is responsible for more than 150 titles as Writer, Director and Producer.  He is responsible for three of the biggest box office grossing films of all time and recipient of two Oscars for Best Director, for Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List.  His most recent film, the bio-pic Lincoln (2012) has been nominated for more awards than any of its competitors. So did this award winning, box-office smashing, filmmaking phenomenon (and Eagle Scout) go to AFI, USC or UCLA?  The surprising answer is none of these; Spielberg went to Cal State University Long Beach, also known as CSLUB.

Film School Confidential: An Actor’s Perspective

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Pursuing a degree in film usually isn’t high on the priority list for those who’ve been bit by the acting bug.  If a degree is pursued at all, actors usually go in as Theater or Psychology majors.  Of course, there’s always the option to forgo college, head straight to Hollywood and land yourself an agent and subsequent auditions. If you need dramatic training, there are plenty of acting school and workshops in Los Angeles, such as the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theater.

This is the route Joshua Tuggle chose when he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his acting career.  Surprisingly it was one of his acting instructors that suggested that pursing a degree in film, particularly screenwriting, would help him advance his acting skills, thereby advancing his career.

Film School Confidential: A USC Experience

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The Cinematic Arts program at University of Southern California is considered by most to be among the top 5 film schools in the country for both BA and MA seeking students.  It is an alma mater that continues to produce successful, award winning filmmakers and actors year after year.  Admittance to this program is highly competitive, and for someone like filmmaker Ian Spohr, it was the obvious choice in advancing his dream to work in the movie industry.  In a candid conversation, we explored some of the realities of pursing a film degree.

The Iconoclasts of NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the Arts

The decision to go to film school is the first step on the road to an exciting career in cinema and television.  Which school to attend is often a difficult and nerve wracking choice; should you move to LA, New York or take a chance with one of the up and coming film centers in Texas or Louisiana?  There are many roles to full in the movie industry, from camera operator to casting director.  Most Industry professionals hold degrees in Film, Communications or even Business Management; but if you have your heart set on becoming the next great American filmmaker, you should set your sights on New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

5 Things You Need to Survive Film School

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The decision to pursue a career in film is as exciting as picking a film school to attend. The Cinema and Television Arts major provides students the most competitive, expensive and time consuming coursework to be offered.  Whether your ultimate choice is at a private or public institution, if your program has a glamorous reputation or is found online, here is some advice you might not expect will help you survive your experience. 

Francis Ford Coppola, Director of The Godfather, Went to this Film School

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Francis Ford Copp0la, director of The Godfather, went to UCLA Film School.

There are so many new directors, filmmakers, actors, etc. coming out of good film schools that it is difficult to know where to start in the film industry. With so many new technologies being developed, it has also made it easier in some aspects to create films but difficult in other aspects to get those films recognized. Hollywood is the ultimate goal for just about every filmmaker, especially those who dream of one day becoming a well-known and well-respected director. While some people can get away with simply going out and learning in the process, the fact still remains that film school and film school degrees go a long way in one’s career.

5 Reasons Why Film School Degrees are Lucrative


A film school degree won’t immediately put you in Hollywood’s inner circles. But it does prove you have serious intent about your career track. And earning that degree may well be the initial step towards enjoying a nicely lucrative lifestyle.

Igniting the process that vaults a film into existence is the job of a producer. A film school degree aimed at becoming a producer can include a variety of necessary studies. Producers not only put together the finances…

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People who are passionate about motion picture or television production can pursue a lucrative career by earning a film degree. By doing so, you will acquire the skills needed to be able to contribute to various aspects of videos, advertisements and television series similar to the ones you’ve grown up with and loved. In addition, those who work in the film industry have a high opportunity to earn a generous and rewarding salary.

Film Degree Benefits


A film degree offers many benefits to those interested in working in the entertainment or media industry. If your goal is to work behind the scenes as part of a television or motion picture production team, to specialize in sound, lighting or costume design or to become an auteur – writing, directing and producing your own films – a degree in film can give you the skills and the industry contacts you need to make your dream a reality.