Film Industry

Making Independent Films

making independent film

The film industry is very lucrative for those who can maneuver their ways around the right places and right people. In fact, everybody talks about the cinema, even more so the mainstream Hollywood cinema. They do have an idea of how the Hollywood produced movies are appreciated as well as distributed. Over the years, independent films have struggled to be accepted by the average moviegoer. This effort has begun to pay off

Beginner Film Editing Tools

Beginner film editing tools

The majority of film today is edited through specialized computer software that offers an abundance of different features to the end user. These features are all designed to give the editor greater flexibility and control over the final production. Here are some of the most common film editing tools used in editing film that are available with the bulk of editing software on the market today.

Working in the Movie Industry

Working in the Movie Industry

Movies are considered to be one of the best sources for entertainment and the film industry can be considered a profitable one in the U.S.  The majority of people working in the movie industry are working behind the scenes and have critical role in the movie industry. With the advancement of technology, the movie industry is also becoming more advanced.  

How to Become An Actor

How To Become An Actor

Someone aspiring to have a successful career as an actor should have the passion it takes to pursue their dreams. This is the energy that will drive you to accomplish your goal.  It is also helpful to want to become part of a play, film or television show.  Show business is not cut out for everyone though.

The Best Film Production Companies In Los Angeles

Los Angeles Film Production

Video production, also known as videography, is basically just a process of making videos by capturing images that are moving. You may develop combinations of the video areas in post and live productions known as video editing. Video creation is just like film making.

Weird, Wild and Wacky: the Works of Director John Waters

DirectorJohn_ waters

There’s something wonderful about the way film Director John Waters’ films hold up a mirror of American society.  With their elements of camp, filth and debauchery, his films become cult classics and inspirations for filmmakers everywhere. Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, Waters’ love affair with film began at the age of 16, when his grandmother gave him an 8mm camera for his birthday.

10 Must-See Animated Films

10 must see animated films

Animated feature films don’t get as much credit as they should.  Not only do they take significant technical skill in terms of classic film structure, they require a large, well-organized and brilliant animation department to make it to the big screen.  Here are 10 amazing animated features that will make you think, did I really just sit through a two and a half hour cartoon and enjoy myself?

Tarantino Didn’t Go to Film School, but You Should!


Quentin Tarantino is considered be one of the most prestigious filmmakers of modern times, yet this highly successful director never attended film school.  While schools like USC and NYU boast the merits of their programs through the successes of George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Francis Ford Coppola, no such school can be credited for honing the inborn directorial talents of Tarantino.  What greatly contributed to Tarantino’s success, in lieu of film school, was his obsession with movies, his job at a local video rental store in Torrance, CA, and friends and family willing to fund his first directorial efforts. 

Film Festival Circuit: The Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca-Film festival

Hollywood, CA is considered the heart of the film industry, with its hillside signage and proliferation of celebrities, studios and film schools.  Many prospective film students overlook the fact the industry was born on the East Coast, in New York City.  In celebration of this fact, and to contribute to the recovery of lower Manhattan after 9/11, Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal and Craig Hatkoff founded the Tribeca Film Festival.  Tribeca’s name comes from the acronym for “Triangle below Canal Street, bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway and Vesey Street.

Film Festival Circuit: The Berlin International Film Festival

berlin film festival

In the frosty February climes of West Berlin, filmmakers and enthusiasts gather at the world’s largest publicly attended film festival in Berlin, Germany.  Founded in 1951, the festival (aka the Berlinale) is held simultaneously with the European Film Market –the major industry meeting for distributors, film buyers, producers, financiers and co-production agents.  Aside from being the most publicly accessible film festival, the Bernlinale is the first to offer a childcare program to accredited festival parents.