Film Industry

Generation X Directors: Spike Jonze

spike jonze

Spike Jonze might be the most influential filmmaker of his generation, not just because of his awards winning, ground breaking indie films, such as Being John Malkovich (1999), Adaptation (2002) and Where the Wild Things Are (2009) but through the entire body of his work.  Commercials and Ad campaigns, music videos, photographs, TV programs, BMX and Skateboarding magazines and companies all fall under the creative eye of Spike Jonze, filmmaker extraordinaire.

Hollywood Needs More Women

women in film

Hollywood desperately needs more women working in the film industry.  Now “desperately” might seem like a strong choice of word when one considers that almost every formula for a great Hollywood film involves a love story, most often of the boy meets girl variety. Indeed there are plenty of celebrity gossip shows and Reality TV series often show a slew of scantily glad socialites, informing you of the sordid tales of their social lives, but don’t let that fool you. 

Film Festival Circuit: The Venice International Film Festival

Venice gold lion

Every late August to September, the tiny island town of Lido in the province of Venice, Italy hosts the Venice International Film Festival.  Founded in 1932, it is the world’s oldest film festival; held in conjunction with the most prestigious international cultural exhibition, the Venice Biennale; combining film, and contemporary art, music, theater and dance. 

Film Festival Circuit: The American Pavilion at Cannes

cannes film festival

The Cannes International Film Festival is considered the most prestigious film festival in the world.  Held every year in May, it is also an Industry only event, where new films and documentaries are previewed for a period of about two weeks.  Many film students know they can submit their student films to the festival through Cinéfoundation program, but what many students don’t know is there is a way to gain work experiences at the Cannes Film Festival: through the American Pavilion.

5 Top TV Show Creators and Their Salaries

Top TV Show Creators

In today’s modern electronic market place, television sets, computers, tablets and handheld devices all have the ability to access television shows, past and present.   More of the population would rather stay home and watch TV shows than go out to the movies.  Working in the field of television requires training in film production and mass communications.  Salaries for beginning television careers range around $50 thousand a year, but more established TV show Creators not only retain complete artistic control of their shows,  they have unbelievable salaries:

Film Festival Circuit: The Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

Held each January in Park City Utah, the Sundance Film Festival is probably the best known of the US film festival circuit.  Founded in 1978 by Actor and Director Robert Redford, along with the head of his Wildwood production company Sterling Van Wagenen, John Earle and Cirina Hampton Catania; who saw it as the perfect opportunity to attract more filmmakers to Utah and provide a venue for Independent American films.

The Art House: Independent Film

Independent Film

The world of cinema offers many genres and film types, but when it comes to the business side of industry, there are just two: Blockbuster-studio backed productions and the Independents.  Independents refers to those films made outside the studio system on a low-budget.  Some have taboo or uncommon subject matter considered to have small box office appeal; they’re also known as Art House movies.

How to Become a Screenwriter

screenwriter film school

When it comes to movie accolades, Directors and Producers usually get all the credit.  After all, it is by the process of creative vision, production dedication and budget adherence that a film is green lit, but the true birth of film comes from completion of a script.  Some Directors have a natural talent for penning their own pieces, but most Producers rely on the written works of a Screenwriter. 

Top Movie Studios


Most film historians would agree that once the motion picture industry became recognized as a respectable business entity in the mid to late 1800s, there were no more than a handful of small studios. As the industry grew, so did the amount of players. Currently, there is a group of six major motion picture studio conglomerates whose various subsidiaries control around 90% of the Canadian and North American box office.

Film School Grads, Coppola, Lucas and Scorsese are Legends


The “New Hollywood” of the 1970’s was made up of artists and film directors who weren’t afraid of introducing different creative approaches to film. Of these directors, Francis Coppola, George Lucas, and Martin Scorsese led the pack and become known as the “film school generation,” referring to the fact that they each attended film school. Entering the world of Hollywood, they made their mark by experimenting with innovative movies, brand new special effects, and film shots that had never been seen.