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Colleges with Film Majors

colleges with film degrees

Looking for something new that can help you to live your dreams of working behind the scenes in TV or Hollywood? Colleges with film majors may be of huge interest to those who would love to make their career in either film or television, working behind the scenes. But where are the great colleges with film majors in the US?

Best Acting Schools in the U.S

best acting schools in the US

Acting jobs in the U.S are boiled down based on training, experience and networking; people must know you and the school or person who trained you must be well-known as well. This is how it works if you want to be a successful actor in the U.S, which is why a lot of acting schools are growing in numbers at the same time.

Best Online Film Schools in the US


With a general rise in the film industry, several film schools and programs have been in high demand. Online schools have typically become popular because students interested in film are allowed to study at their own convenience. With online film schools, students may not have to worry about location constraints, budget constraints etc.[i]  The advancement in the field of science and technology has also made it generally easy to retrieve information from online sources. There are several courses in online film schools that may include screen writing, acting, production, direction and sound. Online courses are generally inexpensive and may be easier to learn.

Top-Ranked Film Schools

Top-Ranked Film Schools

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey through an anonymous web ballot that was sent out to industry leaders including members of the Writers Guild of America West, American Cinema Editors, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Here are the results, according to THR’s survey:

Film Directing Schools


Once you have decided that film directing school is the way to go, one of the main questions you may have to answer is where to go? With several options to choose from, what criteria should you use? Do you want to obtain a degree (two- or four-year) or do a more intensive, one-year program?

Tips for Writing Scripts


Writing a script can be a daunting task and some are surprised at how in depth and how long it can take to create a great script.  There are plenty of tips for writing scripts, and the main one is to know what you want to write about before you start the script writing process.  Trying to write a script without a clear idea of what your story is and who your characters are can lead to a poorly thought out script that ends up being a jumbled mess.  If you follow these tips for writing scripts you may be able to produce a well written and engaging script.

11 Top Film Schools in the U.S.

11 Top Film Schools in the U.S.

Film schools teach students numerous elements of the art of filmmaking including the creation of storyboards and film editing. Students learn the basics and gain experience in the many aspects of film production.

What are the Best Film Schools in California?

best film schools in California

Choosing which film school to study at is important for any person looking into a film career. It has typically been said that the best film schools in America are in California. If you live in California or looking to relocate to the state to study, here is a helpful list of the film programs in California.

Benefits of Attending the New York Film Academy

Film School

The art in creating movies, the selection of casts and the plot of the movie are just a few reasons why many people look to film schools to provide the knowledge that they need on filmmaking. Among the different schools in the world that are dedicated in filmmaking degrees, the New York Film Academy is one of the best.*

The Los Angeles Film School

LA Film School

Filmmaking is an ideal catalyst for many storytellers around the globe and is a way to bring life to the stories they create through their imaginations. For those who desire to create meaningful and compelling work, great cinematography and top quality audio effects, you should have an idea on where to earn your degree at. While there are a lot of film schools in the country, The Los Angeles Film School is a popular choice of the people who want to learn about filmmaking.