Film School

Film Schools Now Offering Programs for Script Writing


Film script writing is truly a passion for some people. The dream of a screenwriter is to make a script that becomes a blockbuster.

Are there Online Film Schools?

Online Film School

If you’re one of those who are fascinated with the big screen and how to get their production up there, yet have scheduling or transportation problems that make attending a brick-and-mortar university impossible, you may have asked an honest question, “Are there online film schools?”

Film School Class: Use Video Editing and Special Effects Software to Enhance the Look of your Film

Film Editing

When you opt for a degree course in Film studies apart from the technicalities of film making you also learn about its history, screenwriting and other important aspects. You will learn how to operate various cameras and edit footage. A film school also hones your skills on time management, research, communication and most importantly learning to work under pressure.

Top 11 Film Schools in the US

11 Film Schools

Attending a reputable film school can translate into a great career in the film industry, as long as graduates put in the work needed to stand out from the rest.  Nationally-recognized film programs feature high quality facilities, top of the line equipment, and respected teaching staff.