Colleges with Film Majors

colleges with film degrees

Looking for something new that can help you to live your dreams of working behind the scenes in TV or Hollywood? Colleges with film majors may be of huge interest to those who would love to make their career in either film or television, working behind the scenes. But where are the great colleges with film majors in the US? Here, we will take a look at the top colleges with film majors, as well as how you can start to get into one of these programs. Lastly, we will look at other similar degrees.

Great Programs

There are a few of the top programs for film right here in the US.* In no particular order, some of the very best schools in the US include the University of Southern California, New York University: Tisch School of the Arts, the University of California Los Angeles, and the American Film Institute. As you can expect, many of the best programs are located in California because of their proximity to Hollywood itself. However, you can easily find great film programs scattered all across the US, from small liberal arts schools, to large public universities.*

Getting Into a Program

Have you been thinking about getting into a program? Requirements vary from program to program, although, in order to get into an undergraduate film program, you can most likely expect to have to have a high school diploma (or the equivalent). You may also be asked to take a standardized college entrance exam, such as the ACT or SAT. Some schools may also ask for things like letters of recommendation, as well as transcripts from your high school or any previous college work. If wanting to enter a masters or doctorate program for film, there may also be other educational requirements for admittance.

Other Specialized Degrees in the Field

There are other specialized degrees that schools may offer that are not film degrees, but could be related. Communications, radio-television degrees, media studies, or film studies may also be similar to a film degree. Some colleges may also allow you to design your own degree or major, even if film is not explicitly offered to students at the institution. Depending upon where you are going to school, you may be able to get more or less technical experience using and learning equipment, producing projects, or finding things like internships or apprenticeships.


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