Discover the Many Jobs in the Film Industry

Discover the Many Jobs in the Film Industry

Surely there are lots of people who would love to be involved in a movie production. Besides long hours, the experience and excitement to be a part of a film project is something one can’t deny. You may be thinking how it’s possible to start a career in the film industry. There are many types of film jobs you can apply for to get involved in a film production. But first, it is recommended that you acquire knowledge and skills through film school. Each type of film career requires different qualifications.

There are many film industry jobs, like becoming a script writer, digital staff, associate producer, art director, illustrator, set decorator, set designer, casting manager or producer. But here, we give you an overview of the top jobs in the film industry:

1. Film Production

From the production aspect, you can pursue your career as producer, assistant producer, production manager, script writer, screen writer or casting director. Sometimes, you can say that a producer is the mastermind behind a movie-making process. He or she can be the investor, the idea generator and the manager of the entire project.

2.  Film Direction

In this area, you can work as director or assistant director. For these positions, you must have great vision and you should be able to work simultaneously with other crew members. Your responsibility is to carry out the plot of the story and coordinate with the actors, coaching and directing them to show best facial expression and performance.

3.  Art Department

If you have a creative eye and a design background, you may be interested in this department. You can work as set designer, illustrator, set decorator, costume designer, film editor or art director. The purpose of this department is to create the best visuals for the film from all aspects of the project.

If you’re planning to seek a film industry job, you may want to start as early as possible. Perhaps you can join the drama or theatre club in school. Try to find your interests by trying out or observing roles as the main character, costume designer or director. Once you’ve found your calling, you may want to think about enrolling in film school to enhance your knowledge and qualifications. To find film programs near you and online, feel free to use our complimentary film school finder at the top of this page.