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With so many education options within film production, it can be overwhelming to find the right program for you. These featured film production schools are accredited and respected, with courses designed to instruct and guide students through advanced techniques in lighting, sound effects, editing and much more. If you want to be prepared for a career in film production, enrolling in any one of these programs is sure to give you the training and skills needed to successfully compete for jobs in the film and media industry.

  1. The Art Institute
    Program: Audio, Video, and Film Production
    Locations: Miami, FL; Atlanta, GA; Hollywood, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Orange County, CA; Denver, CO; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Houston, TX; Las Vegas, NV; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; Portland, OR; Tampa, FL; Arlington, VA; Minneapolis, MN; Schaumburg, IL
    Description: At the Art Institute film production program, you can work with the same hardware and software industry professionals’ use, including Intel Xeon Mac Pros; iMac computers; Intel-based PCs; digital and video cameras; and software, including Adobe Master Collection and Apple Final Cut Studio. Our audio production, digital filmmaking, and video production programs can prepare you for such entry-level positions as video editor, production assistant, camera operator, interactive video producer, lighting designer, or audio technician at places like local and network TV studios, advertising agencies, internet webcast firms, movie studios, and more.
  2. Full Sail University
    Program: Bachelors of Science in Film
    Location: Winter Park, FL
    Description: Once you’ve experienced the filmmaking process through the multiple projects assigned to you throughout the Full Sail Film program, it’ll be time for you to assemble a crew and create your own 35mm film, from preproduction through postproduction. After you’ve brought your script idea to life and screened your film for your classmates, family, and industry professionals, you’ll have another valuable asset for your reel – something that shows Hollywood and the rest of the world just what you’re capable of when you prepare to enter the film industry.
  3. Full Sail University
    Program: Bachelors of Science in Show Production
    Location: Winter Park, FL
    Description: The work that you’ll do in the Show Production degree program is as close to professional live production as you can get while still in school. As you work with fellow students and instructors who all share your passion for live event production, you’ll develop the technical skills you’ll need to launch a career in this industry and transform a night (or day) at a show, gig, or convention into an unforgettable experience.
  4. Full Sail University
    Program: Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinematography
    Location: Online
    Description: Full Sail’s online Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science Degree Program prepares you for this emerging landscape by merging the artistic concepts of traditional filmmaking with the technological tools that can be utilized in everything from independent news gathering and documentary filmmaking to commercial production and web video.

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