Film and TV Glossary

Below are a few useful terms and definitions for people interested in film and tv.

3D Film
A 3D film is a film that incorporates a lot of 3D (three dimensional) elements. This includes a lot of depth perception related elements.

Audio/Visual Technician
Audio/visual technicians (AV technicians) set up equipment like microphones, radios, recorders, cables, and video gadgets. These people work in many fields, though usually in the film or entertainment industry.

A cinematographer is responsible for lighting, camera placement, etc. They make sure each scene fits the director’s artistic vision. Larger films sometimes have many cinematographers working on every scene.

Film Director
Film directors are usually involved with every aspect of producing a film or some other form of media. They are in charge of many things, and have many responsibilities. They are in charge of the production. They have to work with each department to work out the best way to get the film the way he or she wants it.

Film Editor
A film editor edits a film during post-production. They add special effects, animated characters, additional sounds, voice overs, etc. They make the film more than just people acting. They also have to take raw footage and make it into one string, or a film.

Film Producer
A film producer usually produces funds or the film and help to keep the cost for the film within the film’s budget. Producers also usually have the right express their opinions on how the film should be made because they have put their own money into it.

Property Master
Property masters (also known as props masters) are in charge of props. They manufacture or acquire the props that are needed either on stage or on set. They are in charge of the placement of the props as well.

Is someone who writes things to be played out on screen. This could a film or something that is to be performed live. Basically all films had a screenwriter write the film. Their original version goes through a lot of editing, but quite often it is their idea and mostly their script in the end result.

Short Film
A short film is just what is sounds like: a short film. Just about anyone can make a short film. Short films are shorter than feature films. A short film cannot be longer than 40 minutes long including credits.

Special Effects
Special effects are added in by editors. Special effects cannot be produced normally by normal techniques. They are done by editors during post-production. A lot of animation is special effects.

Technical Director
Technical directors make the final decisions in regard to the technical effects of the film. They also assign duties and tasks to other people related to the technical aspect of the film.