Film Degree Benefits


A film degree offers many benefits to those interested in working in the entertainment or media industry. If your goal is to work behind the scenes as part of a television or motion picture production team, to specialize in sound, lighting or costume design or to become an auteur – writing, directing and producing your own films – a degree in film can give you the skills and the industry contacts you need to make your dream a reality.

A degree in film equals a well-rounded education in every aspect of visual entertainment production. Students can expect to take classes in screenwriting, directing, acting, staff management, production, cinematography, sound, lighting and costume and production design. Students who complete film degrees emerge fully conversant with the discipline and ready to work in television or feature films.

In film school students learn about the history of film, the theoretical nature of visual storytelling and the importance of the three-act structure. They will also develop an understanding of artistic influences and operational practices and gain expertise into cutting-edge technological developments such as 3D or CGI production. You’ll get important hands-on movie-making experience by writing, directing, casting and producing your own film or films.

Most respected film schools sponsor a public showing or festival featuring student films, and industry insiders are often in attendance. Regular interaction with professors who are experts in their craft, your fellow students and knowledgeable guest speakers will provide important networking opportunities. Film students are often eligible for internships in film or television production, giving you the prospect of working hands-on with professional filmmakers.

Putting in the work toward any college degree develops the skills necessary for critical thinking and a degree in film is no exception. Film production encompasses many disciplines and involves balancing financial and technical concerns with creative vision, time management and personal relationships. Utilizing their unique knowledge of the creative process and the financial underpinnings beneath business endeavors, many film school graduates go on to have successful careers outside the film and television industries. Potential professions include project development or management, marketing, advertising and human resources.

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