Film Degree: Do I Need One?

Film School: Do I Need One?

When deciding whether or not to get your film degree, or any degree for that matter, you should first ask yourself, “Can I see myself doing this every day?” If the answer is yes, then pursuing a degree in film may be the right choice for you.

By getting your film degree, you have the chance to learn the fundamentals of film making, as well as making potentially useful industry connections during the years you attend school. These are just two advantages of going after your film degree. You may get the advantage of earning internships with film and TV production companies, giving you a chance to work with the pros, pick their brains, and gain the valuable work experience which may be needed to get a job after getting your degree.

When attending film school, it could help you to hone in your skills in a supportive teaching environment where critical thinking and experimentation are often encouraged. Perhaps one of the bigger advantages of pursuing a film degree, potentially, is that you get to dedicate your time to learning the craft of filmmaking with the aid of professors and professionals who may already be experienced in the field. You may have the opportunity to focus solely on your growth within the field and get the hands-on experience that may be needed.

Depending on the school you go to, you may be able to learn about the history of film, visual storytelling, understand artistic influences, and the operational practices that go into creating a film. There are some schools which can give you the chance to work hands-on with cutting edge technology and gain hands-on movie making experience that potential future employers may be looking for*.

During your time earning your film degree, you may be able to develop skills which are attractive to prospective employers, such as communication skills. Being able to interact properly with others can be a valuable skill to have when working on set, as there can be hundreds of people involved in a production. It can also be helpful in order for you to make connections with those who have already broken into the business and can help you get your foot in the door. Other valuable skills you may gain are the ability to manage projects, organize your time effectively, and meet deadlines**.

The skills you may gain while obtaining with film degree can go outside a motion picture studio or TV set. Your hard work can be put to use in fields such as advertising, marketing, and publishing**. Having a film degree has the potential of opening doors into many areas of expertise.

Movies, even independently produced ones, can be multi-million dollar ventures that require the efforts of many professionals in order to successfully shoot the scenes, edit them, and complete the necessary post-production work to create a modern cinematic experience.  Many of the people working on the sets as camera operators, photographers, cinematographers and assistants have earned film degrees from respectable schools and used their education to break into the movie making industry. So, while one may not end up being the director of their own movies, there can still be a place for them in movie production if they have the talent, skills, and dedication necessary for the job.

Your choice of school can be a critical decision you may make. The film industry is very competitive. You may want to choose schools with reputable film and arts programs, as they may look more appealing to those looking to hire you after you earn your film degree***.


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