Film Degree Tips for Entering College

film degree tips

Going to college with the intention of receiving a film degree is a fantastic first step for future filmmakers.  But what do you do once you’re in college?  How to you make the most of your school experience to become the best filmmaker you can be?  Here are a few tips for any young student looking towards film careers or interested in any of the film major options (typically production, screenwriting, or film criticism).  These tips apply to anyone looking at a new college or for those looking to switch majors.
1.  Art for Art’s sake.

Too often do film students get so emerged in the technical side of filmmaking, they forget that aesthetics are needed to execute a great film. Art history courses and studio arts courses are great ways to improve your artistic eye and ability.  Many great filmmakers have art degrees themselves, such as David Lynch and Spike Jonze.

2.  Be a Photophile.

Photography goes hand in hand with filmmaking, so take photos everywhere you go.  Make your camera your trusty sidekick and practice storytelling using just the shots you take.  Have fun experimenting in the darkroom and with digital editing.  You want to know the ins and out of lighting like the back of your hand because you’ll be using these skills for the rest of your career.

3.  Oh, the Humanities.

Not only will these courses fulfill a multitude of your GE requirements, they’ll also provide fascinating subject matter for your future films.  Humanities courses range from Mythology to Gender and Women’s studies, to Philosophy.

4.  All work and no play make Jack a dull student.

Going to college is one of the most exciting periods of young adult life, but you won’t know that if you spend all your time with your nose buried in books.  Join a sports team, a sorority or fraternity, club or organization.  Not only will these activities keep your GPA up, they’ll provide plenty of fodder for storytelling and increase your people skills.

These four tips will help any film student looking to make the most out of their college experience.  Pursuing a degree in any of the Arts is difficult, but if you follow your bliss you can achieve a degree in any film program option you set your sights on.

Get information on film production degrees by using the form on this page.  School representatives will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

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