How to Become a Film Director


Film directors are often involved in every aspect of a media production. They’re responsible for interpreting scripts, managing division directors, conducting rehearsals and essentially coordinating the entire production process. The position of film director is often the highest position available, and therefore the most coveted.

    Film directors have a long list of responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Coordinating time schedules and budget plans
  • Planning filming details for each scene such as framing, audio, camera movements, etc.
  • Identifying equipment, special effects, props, actor demographics, etc. needed for the project
  • Determining scripts to pursue, and how they should be interpreted and directed
  • Developing constructive and mutually beneficial industry relationships

Due to the fact that film directors have to balance a vast amount of responsibilities at once, they have to have a keen attention to detail and a high stress tolerance. Directors must be able to accept criticism as well as remain calm and collected during high stress situations, which are almost guaranteed to occur. It’s also important for directors to have a solid knowledge of the jobs their employees are performing, such as technicians, cameramen and talent directors.

Some successful and well-known film directors include George Lucas, Martin Scorsese and Francis Coppola. What do these three directors have in common? They all attended film school to head-start their career. In fact, they’re now often referred to as “the film school generation.” Their experiences earning a film degree gave them the fortitude to be innovative and experimental with motion pictures, which obviously worked out in their favor. Earning a film degree will provide you with the fundamental knowledge needed to enter the film industry confidently and successfully.

Film Director Salary

Film directors hold the highest on-set position. They’re responsible for working with each department to plan, coordinate and execute the film sequence. Film directors are also responsible for the overall vision of the project. They select the scripts and determine how they should be interpreted and visually portrayed. Since film directors essentially have the final say in the production process, they earn a generous salary averaging $91,000 per year.*

*According to

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