How to Become a Film Editor


A creative individual with an eye for detail would be a good candidate for a career as a film/video editor. The talents and experience of film editors come into play in post-production work. After the film has been shot, it is up to the film/video editor, along with the project’s director, to piece together the scenes in a way that the audience will enjoy. An experienced editor knows what will work visually as well as how to edit scenes in a way that serves the storyline. In addition, a film/video editor may cut scenes of the least importance or value to ensure that a movie doesn’t run over a particular length of time.

The work of a film/video editor is mainly accomplished in an editing room. Advances in technology allow editors to conduct most of their work using computers and digital equipment in conjunction with advanced video editing software such as Adobe Premier Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. A film editor’s education consists of several technical training courses completed while earning a film degree. Film school prepares students with the necessary knowledge in media production, computers and electronics (such as circuit boards, processors, editing hardware and software, etc.), production processes and fine art fundamentals, by providing quality instruction from industry professionals.

In short, the outlook is bright for an individual interested in a career as a film or video editor. However, there are many people who want to work in the entertainment industry. Consequently, it’s important for individuals who want to succeed as film editors to take in as much as possible during film school in order to perfect their editing skills and increase their chances of obtaining a position right out of college.

Film Editor Salary

Film editors are responsible for compiling raw footage, then organizing and editing it into one string. They work closely with directors in order to trip the footage to the required length, determine the audio and visual effects needed, and cut sequences to the desired angles. It’s important for film editors to have strong computer skills, as they spend most of their time working with video editing software. Film editors earn on average $51,000 per year.*

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