Film Production Jobs


The film production industry is one of the most flourishing and vibrant industries around today. There are a wide range of career options and the film production jobs are also plenty. There are hundreds of jobs in the film industry. Here are a few film production jobs you may be interested in.

Film production jobs*:

  • Producer: A producer is someone who oversees the project at hand. He takes care of the distribution and marketing process involved and also monitors the project until its completion. There are also possibilities that a producer can also be the director.
  • Production Coordinator: It is the job of the production coordinator to support the production supervisors and managers. Depending on the work, the role of the production coordinator will vary.
  • Production Accountant: The funding for the project is managed and balanced by the production accountant. They work closely with the producer and their job includes planning budgets, schedules etc.
  • Production Executive: From a technical perspective, the production executive oversees the filming process. 
  • Production Assistant: The foot soldiers of the production team are the production assistants. Employed on a freelance basis, they control the crowd, clean up locations and manage the over-all activities.
  • Production Designer: The art department falls under the leadership of the production designer. The visual requirements of the film are achieved with the aid of the production designer.
  • Production Manager: The employment, finance, business issues is taken care of by the production manager. The means by which budget is spent is continuously followed by him.
  • Production Sound Mixer: They undergo training for a period of two years. They are then allowed to work in the industry where they create the necessary sounds for the background, audio etc.
  • Production Secretary: The production secretary assists the Production Manager and Production Coordinators. He is responsible for answering calls, making travel accommodations and scheduling meetings.

Educational Qualification:

A bachelor degree in any of the art fields namely, arts management, journalism, acting, fine arts, writing or any other comparable degree is typically required in order to pursue a career in film production. Upon completion, training for a period of 2 years or more may be essential to succeed in any film production job, as competition for positions is typically stiff, and more experience may equal more jobs**.

Career Outlook & Salary:

The film industry is one field that sees no reduction in job opportunities and as such, the industry is expected to grow 11 percent*** within the years 2010-2012. The Handbook states that the demand for films and movies are anticipated to go higher. On the basis of how job prospects fair in par with the economy in general, the film production job opportunities look fresh.

The film production job salary varies within the range of 25K-70k per year and the average salary is said to be $44,000, depending on your position, your experience, location, and other factors.

Work Environment***:

A lot of pressure may be involved when working in film production, and the employees may be subject to some stress. The number of working hours sometimes exceeds the 40 hour limit, but the outcome of the film coming together may prove fruitful in the end. Traveling is another criterion that may be added with this industry as the constant movement of the shooting places will lead to frequent travels overseas too.


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