Film School Confidential: The Editor’s Cut

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For some people the call to pursue a career in film doesn’t always start at a young age, sometimes it comes in the course of a chosen elective choice while in college.  This is how Cal State University Northridge grad David Morro found his way to the world of cinema. 

Were there any other film schools that interested you?

Not really.  I was already attending Moorpark community college. I considered going to an online program but CSUN was the only physical campus I applied to.

What film jobs interested you the most?

Editing and sound.  I really like being on set, so anything in the production and post-production phases appeals to me. I love action films, especially Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.  Great editing is huge part of what makes an action sequence successful.

What was the title of your first student film?  What was it about?

In my first video production class I shot a commercial called the Brain Bucket 2000.  It was a helmet that you plug into the wall that helps you learn anything overnight.

What was your first job out of film school?

I got an internship with LionsGate films in the audio-video marking department; encoding trailers for upcoming films, compressing and posting them online after the director approved them for final cut and balancing the department budget.  I learned a lot about production management.  I got a lot of free movies.  That was probably the best perk.

What are your plans for you career in the film industry?

I founded DM2Media Group in 2011, so I’m trying to continue on the path if editing. Working at LionsGate helped me realize that just about anyone can come up with a script, it takes a great plan and stickler dedication to budget to make that script a marketable.  I learned every step of that process and I really enjoy it. I’d like to eventually run my own studio.

What advice would you give to a future film student?

What happens behind the scenes is just as important as what happens in front of the camera. The film production option is the best way to learn everything you can about the movie industry.  Go to festivals, help with projects; take any opportunity you get to network.  Take some marketing classes too.  A lot of kids don’t realize how important marketing is in the business.

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