Film Studies Degree

Film Studies Degree

Everyone may have a passion for one career or the other. Some choose film making because of the popularity and fun that it offers. In several instances, there has to be a role model who makes one like a particular career. In film making, people may look up to Alfred Hitchcock or Quentin Tarantino. The moment you opt for a film studies degree, you may get the chance to gain experience in the film making industry as well as touch on a variety of topics including film theory, history and criticism.

Once you enroll in film studies, you may be bound to cover several areas in the film industry including art house movies to the Hollywood blockbuster, critiquing, directing and even screenwriting. In instances where you are interested in exploring concepts that are geared towards the development of film theory and philosophy with target on European and American cinema, students are required to have an honors degree or equivalent. Some institutions ask the students to write an essay or dissertation which they are required to submit as part of the degree studies. In case a student does not speak English as a first language, they may be asked to have to complete several qualifications as proof with a set amount of points in communicative skills*.

During the coursework, one may get trained on handling the camera, editing footage, research and communication skills, project management, critical thinking and the ability to organize your time effectively, not to mention meeting very strict deadlines. The program is designed to make the student familiar with major theories and concepts of film making, not to mention the exploration of film philosophy. The program provides analytical tools to get to the bottom of video and individual films giving one the opportunity to discuss certain specific genres of production and reception of films. To be on the safe side, a student needs to take part in small group seminars as well as consulting their lecturers regularly. The course takes three to four years depending on an institution.

Some of the jobs open to the degree holders may include; film production, film analysis and interpretation, film or video editor, photographer, camera operator, TV or film producer, location/props manager, art director, production assistant, program researcher and many more. Those are but the jobs within the TV and video industries. Within the publishing industries, available jobs include; content manager or editor, archiving and picture research. These tasks can be for magazines, websites, printed newspapers and online publications**.

The jobs do not end in the publishing industry; it stretches to the business areas that include communications, marketing and advertising. Some roles that may be beneficial include account managers, market researchers, art directors and copywriters. The tasks stretch to the area of education as one can easily be a lecturer, especially if one seeks a post graduate degree in education. In short, there are numerous jobs available for anyone who is through a film studies degree**.

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