How to Become a Film Video Designer


Film video designers are tasked with creating professional video productions for organizations, companies, and government agencies. The purpose of these productions is to engage customers, clients, or employees. In order to do this, a designer must first effectively communicate a creative vision of the project to the client while also incorporating the requirements of the job into the production as well. Film video designers oversee an entire production, including ensuring that a film is quality made with professional sound and video, as well as edited to effectively meet the specifications of the employer who has hired them. 

Typically, film video designers must have strong technical skills, as computer graphics and imagery are often incorporated into productions. Furthermore, they must have knowledge of film theory and techniques, including being able to effectively tell a story using the visual media of film. Finally, the ability to communicate effectively both with the talent and staff under their charge as well as the management who they report to on a frequent basis is absolutely essential for maintaining a schedule and completing projects on time and within the budget allocated*.

While having a college degree isn’t necessary to become a film video designer, the majority of them are college educated either through traditional colleges and universities or in special art schools.  Experience is the primary consideration given when hiring a film video designer. While some companies or firms can afford to hire and train junior designers, they generally seek out those with a proven track record of success in the industry for employment. In fact, breaking into the industry is one of the biggest challenges for prospective film video designers**.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for multimedia artists is $58,510 per year.  Depending on the region where a designer is employed as well as their experience in creating successful productions for companies, the pay may be more or less than that amount. The majority of film video designers, however, make between $40,000 to 80,000 per year**.

The BLS also reports that job growth for the profession is expected to be slower than the average rate for all other professions in the United States. This is perhaps due to the increase in popularity of digital media through the internet as compared to the traditional multimedia outlets of television and movies, which has resulted in less demand for professional video designers. Regardless of the changes that occur, people who have a knack for producing compelling video work that helps businesses to build brands and reach customers will always find work within the field**.


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