Francis Ford Coppola, Director of The Godfather, Went to this Film School

Francis Ford Coppola Film School Picture

Francis Ford Copp0la, director of The Godfather, went to UCLA Film School.

There are so many new directors, filmmakers, actors, etc. coming out of good film schools that it is difficult to know where to start in the film industry. With so many new technologies being developed, it has also made it easier in some aspects to create films but difficult in other aspects to get those films recognized. Hollywood is the ultimate goal for just about every filmmaker, especially those who dream of one day becoming a well-known and well-respected director. While some people can get away with simply going out and learning in the process, the fact still remains that film school and film school degrees go a long way in one’s career.

In fact, one of the most well-known film directors of all time, Francis Ford Coppola, born April 7th, 1939, was not simply born with the ability to direct films. Instead, Coppola applied to, attended, and graduated from a film school: the University of California Los Angeles’ School of Theater, Film and Television to be exact. Of all the film school degrees, one from this school will probably garner any filmmaker respect since the likes of Coppola and Tim Robbins (the director of Dead Man Walking) attended and received film school degrees there from this school.

Ranking among the best in California as far as multicultural campuses, the vibe is uniquely different at UCLA than at its larger and more popular rival, USC (University of Southern California). But while USC enjoys the attention it gets through its industry connections, UCLA receives respect from other areas, including the UCLA Film & Television Archive, which is only beaten out by the Library of Congress. Moreover, UCLA has teachers such as Peter Guber (producer) and graduates like Alexander Payne, director of Sideways. The dean of the school, Teri Schwartz, replaced veteran Robert Rosen in 2009 and was once producing partners with Goldie Hawn. Schwartz was also a former producer and served for many years at Loyola Marymount.

With films like The Godfather being directed by its alumni, the UCLA film school will continue to be a major attractor for dreamers. Further, Justin Lin, Fast Five director, has stated that UCLA filmmakers bring an indie attitude to their filmmaking, separating them from the pack. This is an important aspect to take into consideration for those thinking about entering the film industry. Some people try to blend in with the rest, while UCLA grads always stick out.

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