Lesser Known Jobs in the Film Industry


In today’s economy, job seekers are very familiar about the difficulty to find a job. Along with that difficulty, many job seekers must also deal with the competition for the same job title and position. With that in mind, maybe one way a person can find a job in this market is to look for lesser known jobs in the film industry that have the potential to create big opportunities and connections. Listed here in no particular order are some of the best careers, yet lesser known, to possibly launch your career.

1. Film Production Accountant

One of the accounting niches considered as a lesser known job in the film industry is the production accountant. Some people even believe that this is the last industry to hire accountants. But what people don’t realize is having someone to manage finances and maintain financial records is important so that auditing during post production and the preparation of budget and schedules is smoother and easier[1].

2. Production Assistant

A production assistant is possibly not considered as one of the lesser known jobs in the film industry, but it is certain that it is the lowest position. Some may even consider it as a rite of passage even though the responsibilities are not very difficult. Actually, it depends on the production’s size, whether on a set or production office. But you may expect to your work to revolve around menial tasks, like getting coffee, that is somehow important to a project’s overall success[2].

3. Casting director

Another lesser known jobs in the film industry are the casting director. They are responsible for casting the actors for the lead role to the extras in movies, commercials or plays. They also set the schedules of auditions, script reading and meeting with agents. Typically, a casting director works with the directors and producers to find the best person suitable for the role. The job may also include the negotiating of fees and contracts of the actors and the liaison between the actors and their agent and the director[3].

4. Caterer and craft services

It is without a doubt that several people think that a caterer and craft services are a lesser known jobs in the film industry. However, it is actually one of the most important and the most loved people on the set. It may sound ridiculous, but having a caterer and craft services allows the film crew stay fed and in turn feel happy. Nothing can be worse than a set full of hungry and unhappy crew.

5. Locations Manager

This position is one of the hardest and least rewarded in the movie industry. They are responsible for managing the locations and providing thousands of charming pictures that the production designers will choose from to take to the director to see. They must be also capable of driving long distances with little sleep. The job also includes parking for equipment trucks, star trailers, all the film crew cars and anyone who wants to drop in[4].

Of course, even though these are some of the lesser known jobs in the film industry, each is still as important as the other jobs in the set. Just keep in mind that enthusiasm and good attitude may go a long way and find yourself in a position you wanted.



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