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People who are passionate about motion picture or television production can pursue a lucrative career by earning a film degree. By doing so, you will acquire the skills needed to be able to contribute to various aspects of videos, advertisements and television series similar to the ones you’ve grown up with and loved. In addition, those who work in the film industry have a high opportunity to earn a generous and rewarding salary.

Along with choosing from a long list of schools that offer film degrees (see our list of featured programs), you also often have the choice to enroll in online or on-campus courses. There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of learning; it’s simply a matter of deciding which will work best for you.

One of the largest advantages of an online film school is that training is offered at the students individual pace (to a certain degree) and at their most convenient time. This is important for those who need to maintain a part-time or even full-time job while earning their degree. Although there is still a firm structure to online programs, students are able to proceed through text and modules as they feel fit, as long as assignments and tasks are turned in according to the provided deadlines. The modules offered in an online film school also tend to be slightly easier and more flexible.

With on-campus film schools, the greatest advantage is the ability to network and immediately direct questions to a professor. Quick responses can be vital for students to fully understand concepts and progress through the criteria in a timely matter. Student-to-professor communication in online film schools is most often via email, which allows for significantly more lag time. An on-campus film school also incorporates more group interaction and projects, many of which cannot be done online. Seeing as the professional media production process is very team-oriented, these collaborative projects provide practical, hands-on experience leading to an important glimpse of what it will actually be like in the field. Another advantage? On-campus film schools tend to provide easier access to advanced recording technologies and editing software used throughout the film production process.

The educational guarantees of an online film school are basically the same as on-campus options. Students will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking, from scripting, lighting and shooting techniques to advanced editing software and production design, with the ultimate goal of being fully prepared to begin or advance a career in film or media by the end of the degree program.

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