How to Become a Property Master


Property masters, also referred to as props masters, utilize their artistic and organizational skills on film, theatrical or television productions. One of their main responsibilities is to acquire or manufacture props that will be used on the set or stage. They also work with set directors to manage and alter the physical appearance of the props on set. The property master works with directors during pre-production to develop a concept of the set and ensures that concept comes to life.

During the pre-production phase, the property master develops a breakdown of the props; they identify the progression and placement of each prop throughout the story. There are many “types” of props that prop masters’ work with, including scenery, food and animals. They are also responsible for product placement agreements, meaning the use and showcase of a branded item. For example, Coca-Cola may be an investor in the project, on the terms that the film will show a certain amount of scenes with actors drinking Coke’s in them. These agreements provide a source of funding for the project, as well as mass exposure for the product displayed.

While it is not required to have a film degree to become a property master, it is highly suggested as a way to learn the industry and increase your chances of promotion. Becoming a property master is challenging and competitive. It takes motivated individuals with a passion for film and visual design to be successful. Start your research be reviewing our list of featured film programs, all of which are accredited, respected film schools.

Property Master Salary

Property masters often have a background or interest in art or interior design. They are responsible for planning, acquiring and setting up the set props used in various productions, such as stage performances, film sets, commercials or television shoots. Property masters earn on average $62,000 per year.*

*According to

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