Ten Great Jobs in Film

ten great jobs in film

There are a lot of people behind the scenes in the making of a film or even a television show. In fact, there are different people manning the ship behind every phase. As a result there is a lot of opportunity for working both on and off set; however there are some positions that are considered the most desirable. Here are what are considered to be ten great jobs in film.

If you are smart, then you would try to research as much as you can the great jobs in film. Though ten may be a limited number, at least you will have a job that you should be aiming for first.

If you are not very familiar with the industry, you might need to learn more about it before you charge in head on. There are positions which can be very vague in concept, and ones which are introduced in the public that are the more lucrative jobs.

1 Producer (An average of $71,350 a year)

In contrast to certain descriptions, a movie producer is any person who can help in generating an idea – a writer or a manager. The more lucrative aspect of this is specifically known as an executive producer which typically earns substantially more.

2 Director (Average salary per year: $71,350)

This is the person who oversees everything that happens during the shoot. They make sure that everything he conceived in his mind comes to life. They correct when it is needed, and constantly thinks of making the artistry in the scenes the best.

3 Screenwriters

Salaries for screen writers are harder to determine because most will work independently and make money when a script is purchased by a studio. In house jobs do exist however for screenwriters as well however.

4 Video and Audio Editors (Average annual salary: $74, 200)

This might just be one of the least glamorous jobs, but they are responsible for the final look and feel of a film. An editor has a huge amount of influence on the final product. Larger projects hire multiple editors for different phases to ease the load on each one.

5 Actors (Will vary; average is $20.26 per hour)

They are the backbone of the movie, and just like any backbone, their job is not as glamorous as most would think it is. Good for those who are in the mainstream, but when you are starting, you may want to take a part time job somewhere else that puts you in the night shift. Mornings are crucial for you are going to use that time for auditions.

6 Art Director (Average annual salary: $80,880)

They work with the directors in order to make sure that they see eye to eye. They are responsible for bringing the vision on screen. In addition, you need to be a good manager to make sure that you stay within the budget.

7 Construction Managers (Average annual salary: $82,790)

This is the person responsible for overseeing that every sound effect system is in place. Furthermore, he makes sure that all the structures built up in the set are safe for the entire crew to use.

8 Cinematographer (Average annual salary: $40,300)

This is the one who makes sure that everything is caught on camera well. All the genius and hard work put into the film will be for naught if this person is not well versed with the technology used in order to capture the film well.

9 Multimedia Artists (Average annual salary: $61,370)

They are the ones who make a preconceived picture of how each character may look like.

10 Talent Agents

An annual salary may not be part of their vocabulary as they usually get 10 percent of what they talent earns. In that sense, they might be the highest paid individuals in the industry, especially when they have multiple clients under contract.

How much each of these ten great jobs earns depends on where they work, and the averages presented show what an experienced professional can expect to earn after being in the business for a substantial amount of time. If film is where you want to be, consider pursuing one of these top film careers.


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