The 5 Top Film Directors and the Film Schools they Attended

George Lucas Film Schools

The 5 Top Film Directors and the Film Schools they Attended.  Terrence Malick, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, and Michael Bay all have had major hits and continue to be turning out great work.  Below is information on the film schools they attended.

Terrence Malick – American Film Institute

AFI may be the most prominent film school in the entire country, rivaled only by USC and UCLA. The biggest draw of AFI is that it has specialized study so that students can pick a particular area to focus on. In Malick’s case, directing was his specialty and attending AFI allowed him to make the pivotal film The Tree of Life. Those who attend AFI tend to be a little older than the average film school (27), and students are allowed to create a thesis, backed by SAG members and a $13,500 finance budget.

George Lucas – USC

Lucas enjoyed his time at USC so much that he contributed $175 million to the school. As such, USC is now the richest film school in the country and has the most support from the film industry than any other school. More notably, however, is the fact that the school can boast the most number of people working in the film industry as alumni. Lucas, who has created such films as Star Wars and Indiana Jones, graduated from USC, along with Steven Spielberg, another directing giant in the industry. The biggest draw for USC: the technical aspects of film making.

Martin Scorsese – NYU

While the Tisch School of the Arts is thousands of miles away from the center of film, this New York institute has been the breeder of talents like Scorsese, Vince Gilligan, and Oliver Stone. Students can listen to James Franco teach students and directors can learn the grittier side of filmmaking. NYU is how Scorsese was able to make films like Goodfellas.

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris – UCLA

Always competing with USC and AFI, UCLA stands on its own by creating a crop of indie attitude directors like Jonathan Dayton and Valeri Faris (Little Miss Sunshine). With the largest film and television archive next to the Library of Congress and graduates like Francis Ford Coppola, a film school degree from here can set one of the right track to stardom.

Michael Bay – Wesleyan University

Wesleyan is beginning to rival the bigger schools in the country. The fact that students learn how to write, direct, and edit a film by hand helps give alumni an edge over others in the business. With its campus in Middletown, CT, students can feel free to use the landscape the schools’ liberal arts focus to build their flourishing careers.

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