The Iconoclasts of NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch School of the Arts

The decision to go to film school is the first step on the road to an exciting career in cinema and television.  Which school to attend is often a difficult and nerve wracking choice; should you move to LA, New York or take a chance with one of the up and coming film centers in Texas or Louisiana?  There are many roles to full in the movie industry, from camera operator to casting director.  Most Industry professionals hold degrees in Film, Communications or even Business Management; but if you have your heart set on becoming the next great American filmmaker, you should set your sights on New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Although it comes in as Number 4 on Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Best Film Schools list, the Tisch School of the Arts has produced more Academy, Emmy and Tony Award winners than any other film school.  Tisch school alumni award winners include Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Ang Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Andy Samberg, James L. Brooks and Angelina Jolie.

The Tisch School of the Arts is a private university located in the heart of Manhattan, near Washington Square Park in New York City.  Its academic program combines conservatory training with university research and cutting edge technology, and offers BFA, BA, MFA, MPS and PhD degrees. Prospective students have the opportunity to study, not only film, but theater, dance, writing, photography, music and technical design as well.   In addition it is the only Film school that offers a dual MFA/MBA program in Film Production.

Tisch has a well established reputation for turning out some of the most successful iconoclasts in the Film Industry.  Controversial African-American director Spike Lee earned his MFA at Tisch in the early ‘70s; his classmate, Jim Jarmusch is considered the champion of the Independent Cinema movement of the 1980s.  One of the greatest filmmakers of all time, Martin Scorsese, earned both his BA and MFA at New York University.  The films of all three of these directors thematically focus on American identities as expressed through their own ethnic backgrounds and the greater community of New York City.

Although private institutions tend to be more costly than attending a public university, financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available to perspective and current students.  If becoming a serious, groundbreaking filmmaker is the future you see for yourself, strongly consider applying to NYU’s Tisch School of Arts.

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