The Los Angeles Film School

LA Film School

Filmmaking is an ideal catalyst for many storytellers around the globe and is a way to bring life to the stories they create through their imaginations. For those who desire to create meaningful and compelling work, great cinematography and top quality audio effects, you should have an idea on where to earn your degree at. While there are a lot of film schools in the country, The Los Angeles Film School is a popular choice of the people who want to learn about filmmaking.

Filmmaking is not something that you can simply learn by reading and watching other people. You need help and guidance from other filmmakers in the industry, and you need to find the best schools that will provide the knowledge you seek. During the opening ceremony of The Los Angeles Film School in 1999, world famous film director, Oliver Stone made this statement, “Directors may rise and fall. Actors may wither and die. But leading film schools will last forever.”* In other words, every director may not be as renowned without the guidance of a film school. The Los Angeles Film School strives to provide the best education that you need to be successful in the filmmaking industry.

The Los Angeles Film School is located in the heart of Hollywood, where they can offer a unique hands-on education in the film industry. Their faculty team is composed of award-winning professionals that have already created original works in computer animation, films and games. The school has state-of-the-art facilities located in its 250,000 square feet campus, full of labs, recording studios, live sets and sound stages.**

At The Los Angeles Film School you can learn a wide variety of techniques from industry professionals including current film, audio and video game animation techniques. Students have been taught by faculty members that have worked on various films, such as The Matrix, Back to the Future and Jerry Maguire. The Los Angeles Film School strives to offer the latest facilities and technologies in filmmaking.

The Los Angeles Film School also supports their students through financial aids. They are offering a comprehensive range of financial aids that may assist you with earning the degree that you want in filmmaking. The Los Angeles Film School aims to produce the best in the industry, one way they demonstrate this commitment is through providing financial aid to students. ***



*** Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. To see if you qualify, please speak with a school representative. For more information on their financial aid, visit them online at