Top-Ranked Film Schools

Top-Ranked Film Schools

The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey through an anonymous web ballot that was sent out to industry leaders including members of the Writers Guild of America West, American Cinema Editors, and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Here are the results, according to THR’s survey:

1. University of Southern California

With state of the art facilities that include a new 60,000+ square foot Interactive Media Building, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts is sure to top the list.  Several big names in Hollywood have donated millions of dollars towards the construction of the new facility in order to create an environment that facilitates creativity and innovation. In addition, the school is ranked number one by the Princeton Review for its 5D Institute. Notable alumni from the USC School of Cinematic Art include: Star Wars director, George Lucas; 2x Academy Award winner, Ron Howard; and Hollywood producer, Jon Landau.

2. American Film Institute

The American Film Institute, based in Hollywood, CA, has bred a large number of its graduates into Academy Award winners. In 2013 alone, five of its alumni were nominated for Oscars. In addition, 80 percent of its graduates remain in the film industry. The two-year, elite graduate program costs about $43,904 and increases by roughly $900 each year.

3. New York University

NYU’s Tisch School of Arts is known for its MBA/MFA programs. In 2013, seven of its alumni and one faculty member were asked to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the judges who determine Oscar winners and nominees). Other notable alumni from NYU have produced some of the top 500 films in history.

4. University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA has managed to produce several notable film artists including Francis Ford, Jayne Mansfield, Alexander Payne, and Justin Lin. What really makes the school special, according to an industry insider, is the intimacy of the school. The UCLA film school is able to facilitate a small environment for students so they have opportunity to receive personal attention from staff. A few of its courses are heavily focused on writing, acting, directing, producing, costume design and production design.

5. California Institute of Arts

Also referred to as CalArts, the California Institute of Arts alumni have produced films grossing more than $25 million, collectively. According to the Los Angeles Times, it is the Harvard of Animating Schools. Producer, Tim Burton is among CalArt’s notable alumni.


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