Working in the Movie Industry

Working in the Movie Industry

Movies are considered to be one of the best sources for entertainment and the film industry can be considered a profitable one in the U.S.  The majority of people working in the movie industry are working behind the scenes and have critical role in the movie industry. With the advancement of technology, the movie industry is also becoming more advanced.  Hollywood has been growing ever since 1920 and the American film industry has grossed more money every year than that of any other country.[1]  When we talk about careers in the film and movie industry, we usually think of actors and directors but there are plenty of other jobs in movie industry that are equally as important:


Being a producer is a challenging job and needs a lot of dedication.  A producer needs to ensure that everything goes smoothly and remains inside the budget.  They have the ability of choosing and finalizing the script presented by the director. Once they agree with the idea of director, they raise the money for the movie.  A producer can be a writer, a person behind the idea, an investor, or manager of all of them.  A producer needs to know how to choose the right script, and they also have the duty of choosing other prominent players like screen writer, art director etc.  On average, the salary of a producer is $109,860.[2]


As the name suggests director has to direct the whole movie, and must take care of the long term vision of the movie and needs to visually present scripts and themes.  In the beginning of the shooting, the director works closely with the screen writer and the producer.  They do not have to worry much about the financial side of the movie. A director usually earns $109,860 on an average per year.2


Screenwriters can sell the script to the producer, and it could be a full movie script or it could be short term.  Even the idea can be discussed with the producer and then a deal can be finalized. A screenwriter could also be used to punch up other scripts which may include making an older script funnier, adding more dialogue, etc. On an average a screenwriter earns 78,860$ per year.2

Film and Video Editors

It is one of the most challenging jobs because it requires a lot of creativity and innovation.  A video editor has to use different parts shot by the director to shape the edited movie into the vision of the director. On an average a video editor earns $74,200. 2


It is the most glamorous job in the industry, which requires you to suit the character.  The amount an actor or actress earns depends on their work quality. People dream of becoming an actor and expressions of the actors are very important. An actor may also get a lot of commercials after coming in a movie.


A cinematographer translates the vision of director into a video, and their job is to capture the right moment at the right angle to lead to a great movie.  They often add color to the ideas of producers and directors. Usually the pay of cinematographers is in the range of $52,380 annually. 2

There are still other film industry jobs which include art director, animators, and talent agents etc. Any part of the movie industry can be a great place to work if you have a passion for it.


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